Arvuti Realtime Monitoring and Analytics System (ARMAS)

Service outage can can cause serious reputational risk to any financial institution, proactive monitoring of systems is crucial to stand out against competitors. Our ARMAS system has been built to proactively monitor all your EFT related systems. A wide array of advanced monitors have been built into ARMAS, such as transactional trend abnormalities, communication failures, and service responsiveness. The system is capable of notifying operators by SMS and Email, ensuring full visibility of system performance 24/7.  Get in touch to find out how ARMAS can increase your service uptime..

Arvuti Merchant Performance and Analytics System (AMPAS)

Large terminal fleets are difficult to monitor, financial institution's need to stay on top of how their POS investments are performing, ensuring ROI from their terminal fleet. Our AMPAS system analyzes terminal and merchant activity, ensuring operators know exactly when devices are not fulfilling transactional expectations, prompting possible investigations for under utilization and possible relocation requirements. The system also tracks high volume sites ensuring managers can effectively plan deployments to cater for area specific demands. Contact us to see how AMPAS can help get the most out of your terminal fleet..

Arvuti Advanced Helpdesk (AAH)

We realize the importance of an effective helpdesk application, of which must be suited to specific customer needs. In order to provide this effectiveness, our helpdesk system has been developed to be highly scalable to suit specific customer environments. This powerful issue tracking system allows customers to efficiently handle a large customer base, and includes advanced features ranging from automatic issue allocation – to realtime alert notifications (SMS/e-Mail etc), providing line managers with the crucial visibility needed to ensure effective issue management. Get in touch with us today to see how AAH can reduce your issue backlog and turnaround times..

... Custom Software Solutions

Arvuti Solutions has a wide array of custom software solutions, leveraging our knowledge of high system availability - we have developed many other business solutions:

Arvuti Autotracker (GPS Tracking)

Autotracker GPS tracking system can help you affordably manage your assets, whether it’s tracking a business fleet or simply keeping an eye on your personal property - Autotracker deliver's real time tracking data to your fingertips. Unlike most other tracking providers, our solution is homegrown and has been developed entirely in house, allowing us to keep our costs well below the competitors. Get in touch with our Autotracker team for more info..

Property Manager Pro (PMP)

Property Manager Pro is a tailor made letting management application, designed to suit the Zimbabwean property market. PMP is a comprehensive one-stop solution for property managers and letting/estate agents. PMP makes managing and letting properties a breeze, allowing agents to more effectively manage their time and resources. Some of the key features included in our PMP product are:

-Management of landlords and tenants..

-Lease management..

-Automatic rent and fee generation..

-Security and deposit tracking..

-Maintenance job scheduling and tracking..

Get in touch today to see how PMP can save you time and money..

Custom Solutions..

We offer many more custom solutions, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.