Arvuti Realtime Monitoring and Analytics System (ARMAS) – service outage can can cause serious reputational risk for any financial institution, uptime and availability are crucial. Our ARMAS system has been built to proactively monitor all your EFT related systems..

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Arvuti Merchant Performance and Analytics System (AMPAS) - large terminal fleets are difficult to monitor, financial institution's need to stay on top of how their POS investments are performing..

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Arvuti Advanced Helpdesk (AAH) – at Arvuti Solutions we realize the importance of a flexible helpdesk application, our helpdesk can be specifically tailored to unique client environments..

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Arvuti Solutions is a specialized software development company registered in Zimbabwe. Our market leading solutions are forged at the highest caliber of industry standards, backed by over a decade of collective experience in the financial technology sector. Our mission is to empower our customers, providing them with a wide range of fully customized integration and business process solutions.

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